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Puppy Buying Process

Our puppies are typically sold before they are born as we often have a waiting list. To get on the waiting list you must first complete the questionnaire below so that we have sufficient information about you to aid us in selecting your puppy for you. After receiving your information we will be in touch with you with additional questions or to answer any questions that you may have for us. If we decide that your home would be a good fit for one of our puppies, we will then send you a paypal link so that you can make a deposit to hold your place on the list.


Questionnaire *click here*



Each puppy is guaranteed to be free of any genetic disease or bleeding disorders. Before the puppies go to their new homes they will be inspected by a representative of the VDD-GNA Breed Warden, checking their teeth, eyes, testicles, coat, and other physical attributes.


Puppy Selection

Puppies are matched with new owners based on the information supplied by the buyer. Geography, hunting preferences, size of dog, desired gender, VDD membership, testing and training experience are all very important elements covered with prospective buyers. As we do not grant pick of the litter, the more detailed information provided the easier it is to determine the proper matching of puppy and owner.  Our goal is to create a pairing that will happily last a lifetime.