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All Drahthaars are required to be thoroughly evaluated on multiple occasions through JGHV tests before they are allowed to breed.  We realize that most of our buyers have no intention of breeding their puppies, but we still strongly encourage them to participate in the testing process. The most important reason to test your puppy is that it will force you to train on a structured timeline. Without the inherent discipline that comes with preparing for a test, it is far too easy to make excuses for not training, and then the next thing you know it's hunting season and your puppy is no where near prepared nor will it even come close to reaching it's full potential.


JGHV - Testing Organization

The JGHV is the German performance testing organization responsible for maintaining the testing regulations and sanctioning breed organizations like the VDD to conduct their tests.

VJP - Spring Natural Ability Test

The VJP is a test that evaluates the natural abilities of a young versatile hunting dog.  Most of the pups who run a VJP are between 6 and 18 months of age. Your pup will be expected to search a field, find and point at least 1 wild/liberated bird, and track wild rabbits (in a different area). 

HZP - Fall Advanced Natural Ability Test

The HZP is a test that evaluates the advanced natural abilities of a versatile hunting dog.  Most of the dogs who run a HZP are between 10 and 24 months of age. A HZP basically consists of everything that was done in the VJP, with the addition of water work and multiple retrieves.

VGP - Fall Utility Test

The VGP is a test that evaluates a finished versatile hunting dog.  Dogs tested at this level are expected to handle any game in any hunting situation.  Most of the dogs who run a VGP are between 18 and 36 months of age.  This test last for 2 days and consists of 4 different subject areas: field, forest, water, and obedience. To put it simply, a VGP is basically a HZP plus forest work and some additional obedience requirements.


There are multiple organizations here in the United States that host JGHV tests. The testing organization that we prefer is JGV-Rocky Mountain. (

There are other organizations that offer testing, such as NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Assoc), but only JGHV tests are recognized by the VDD. With that said, the tests are similar as is the training needed to prepare for them. If you find that a NAVHDA club is closer to you, we would encourage you to utilize whatever training resources are available to you; but, be aware that registering your puppy through one of these other organizations will result in reprocussions with VDD.

Our Tests


VJP - Feb 18-19, 2018 - Grovespring, MO

VJP - Apr 5-6, 2018 - Grovespring, MO

HZP - Oct, 2018 - To Be Determined