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Our training calendar starts off with a training weekend in January at our testing grounds near Grovespring, MO. This event is an introduction to the JGHV testing system and will cover everything that you need to know about running your puppy through the JGHV tests. We will make sure that your puppy is well on it's way to being ready for it's first test. This event will also give you an opportunity to get a feel for the grounds so that you will be more comfortable on test day.


Training Days

We have a training day nearly every month from January thru September, and then we take a break from training through the hunting season. Please let us know in advance if you would like to attend one of these events.

Professional Trainers

Although the vast majority of versatile hunting dogs are trained by their owner/handlers, it does happen from time to time that life gets in the way of being able to do the training yourself. When this happens it is very important that you utilize a professional trainer who specializes in versatile hunting dogs. Below is a list of versatile dog trainers that we are very familiar with and highly recommend.


* Gary & Mendy Peyton of Excello, MO (

* Preston DeWolf of Lawton, OK


Training Articles & Links


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